About us


As an industry leading fitness brand we feel that we have a greater responsibility not only globally through our 2020 vision, but locally as well, to the clients in the communities that we serve and the neighborhoods we operate our fitness centers from. Which is why we believe in getting involved with our communities and contributing locally whenever possible. That’s what being a good neighbor is all about.
So when you step foot into a Fit Body Boot Camp location you can expect a clean, friendly, and fun high energy workout environment that’s not only a place to get fit and healthy, but a place to make friends with others in your community.
For well over a decade I lost myself in a busy work life, raising five babies with my wife, and living life on the go. I couldn’t see a way to make time for myself or my health. I continually struggled with weight fluctuations, and self image, and through finally discovering the UNSTOPPABLE formula, I lost 55 pounds and 5 pant sizes!
I had finally reached the point that it was time for a change. The way I viewed myself and my view on living life changed dramatically. I sought out challenges, I opted to climb the stairs and I had more energy for my wife and kids. My self image has improved tremendously and I am eager to share what I have found with others. As a result of this life changing transformation, I have devoted my professional life to learning everything I can about fitness, fat loss, and changing peoples’ lives through proper training, nutrition, coaching and healthy relationships. I also really believe in the law of attraction and spiritual health. It is important to keep positive people in your circle of influence.
My goal is to share my experience and expertise, so that you can learn how to obtain & maintain your version of optimal living and live a healthier life! It’s important to find a customizable wellness program that works according to your schedule.
I am committed to working with you and providing you with all of the tools you will need for success in your lifestyle change. You will learn about low-GI impact eating, creating healthy behaviors and repairing your metabolism. I am energetic, outgoing, and passionate about fitness & nutrition. I will combine my interests, knowledge and enthusiasm to give you the very best coaching available.

Coach Monica – Head Coach


There’s no catch, no gimmicks, no crazy hoops to jump through. Fit Body is the Program you’ve been looking for. We guarantee our results!